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Life Coach | Chico, CA
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“I encourage you to rise up to discover your passion, so that you can maximize your potential by stepping into your own greatness and bring your brilliance into the world.”

Kesha Haynie

About Me

Kesha Haynie, a sought after Certified Life Coach, who encourage and challenge her client’s to discover their purpose and maximize their potential in areas of life that needs to connect with their core values. With many years of ministry, community outreach, and life experience working with individuals, couples, and groups from various walks of life.

Kesha has been coaching, for over two decades and resides in her hometown of Chico, CA, with her husband, three adult children, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. Her biggest accomplishment is now her own life– balanced, joyful and overflowing with love and living the abundant life God has for her.

After walking through her own personal journey of trials knowing that her trials produced perseverance, character, and hope.  Kesha’s greatest joy is being able to give back to others the gift God has given her… that is to empower, encourage, inspire, uplift, and motivate others which causes them to move forward in fulfilling their plans, purpose, and goals towards the abundant life God has designed for them.

Prior to becoming a Certified Life Coach, Kesha graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, and spent 22 years working with Nonprofit Organizations. In 2009 Kesha Co-founded Rhema Word of Faith Empowerment Ministries, and The Love Chapmantown Community Coalition, located and headquartered in Chico, Ca.

Kesha is also a certified Biblical Counselor, a team member with well known author (Kary Oberunner) of The Deeper Path. A lifetime student of coaching practices –including meditation, prayer, affirmations and visualization. Kesha brings her passion for growth and self-empowerment into her coaching.

“All things are possible to those who believe” (NKJV Mark 9:23)

What I Do

Relationship and Vision Coaching

I encourage individuals, couples, and groups in developing healthy relationships while discovering their purpose and empowering them to maximize their potential.

Vision Coaching is where I encourage you to discover your purpose and empower you to maximize your potential and see your ability to accomplish your dreams.

How I Do It

One on One

One-to-One coaching is when you work individually with me and this session is catered to your particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill your potential.


Sometimes it takes another set of eyes, and ears to see and hear what you as couples are trying to communicate to one another. I specialize in helping couples deepen their intimacy, communication, and set goals as a couple that will empower them to move forward together.


Group Coaching allows a team or a group to connect with one another and the knowledge that is in the room is shared amongst peers; conversations are had, trust is built, confidence is built, accountability is established and more is accomplished.


Telephone coaching, is a way to meet your needs if you are busy, or if you are not in the same geographical area, this style of coaching allows you to focus more on how well I meet your ideal coach requirements instead of location. Telephone coaching makes sure the ideal connection can be made.


Skype/Facetime on the other hand allows both me (coach) and you (client) to have video as well as discussion. This will allow you and me to “meet” face to face and ask questions and get the “feel” if there is any chemistry there for us to enable a successful relationship.


Life Coaching by Email is relaxed, flexible, and stress-free, leaving you time to contemplate things carefully without the pressure of a live conversation.

See Me In Action

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We have had the opportunity to work with Kesha over the past few years and have allowed her to speak into our lives and our marriage. With her wisdom and guidance, we have learned to communicate more effectively and to see things from each other’s point of view. Our marriage has grown much stronger with Kesha’s help.

Rob & Tambra Hines

Chico, CA

Kesha is a great friend, mentor, and an amazing life coach. She has continued to walk with me while I am pursuing my dreams and life goals.

Terra Casia

Anaheim, CA

I’m so grateful for Kesha Haynie and her life coaching skills. During our sessions she helped me with setting boundaries for my relationships whether it was family or friends so I wouldn’t feel that I was being taken advantage of. I’ve applied the steps we talked about and set boundaries for people and I am bold enough to let them know when they have crossed them. It’s really been beneficial for because maybe these people were only supposed to be in my life for a season and by me letting them continue to walk over me and not setting the boundaries I was trying to make them stay in my life longer than they were supposed to.

Rashonna Duncan

Chico, CA

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